medical line

Medical Division includes:
• Disinfectants for hands, skin and personal hygiene
• Sterilizers and disinfectants for surgical instruments
• Cosmetic products for personal care.
This range of products is primarily addressed to hospitals, clinics, nursing and retirement homes, surgeries, dentist's and veterinary surgeries, analysis and beauty centers.
Pharma Trade medical items are distributed by authorized dealers all over Italy.

rest homes line

In collaboration with experts in cosmetics and through accurate tests for use in several rest homes, Pharma Trade has developed a specific line entirely addressed to the hygiene of rest homes guests.
It is available under request an Italian guide line entitled "REST HOMES SANIFICATION" where the applications of Pharma Trade products concerning personal care and environmental hygiene are illustrated.

community line

Community Division includes:
• Disinfectants for environments, surfaces and food industry
• Detergents for special purpose
• Environmental deodorizers
• Enzymatic degraders
• Disinfestants
Community Line is distributed by professional authorized dealers.

emergency line

A large range of products specifically dedicated to Public First Aid Assistances includes more than 70 CE Medical Devices and "Presidi Medico Chirurgici" (Medical Surgical Aids) for reanimation, diagnostics, protection of operators and disinfection. This product range represents the main part of medical consumables utilized by Red Cross associations and other Public First Aid Assistances. Quotations for tenders can be effected under request. Quality and money saving characterize Pharma Trade proposal for Public First Aid Assistances.

dental trade

Thanks to the experience gained by the company Pharma trade Company in the medical field, the project was born to project and create a line of specific products for the dental sector called: "DENTAL TRADE". This new line comes with a range of EC Medical Devices (disinfectants and sterilants) and specific articles for dental practices.